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Hey KASKADA GIRLS, Lets explore our gifts and talents! Each of you has gifts and talents. You may not think so but you do for sure...you may not have discovered them yet. Your gifts and talents are especially from God to you to be used for others, loved ones, family, neighbors, and strangers. And they are to used to bring Glory to God when you use them for others.

Some girls write well, poetry and stories, some girls paint and draw, or play music or sing, others girls are talented in organizing and leading. What do you think your gifts and talents are? And how can you use them for God?

Let me Introduce you to two KASKADA GIRLS who are using the eyes which God has given them, and the inner 'eyes' of their heart to search out beauty and capture it on film.


They are Sanja and Matea, two KASKADA LENS Club photojournalism interns who have been taking photos for KASKADA MAGAZINE for two years. Let them tell you their stories.

So KASKADA GIRLS Let me introduce you to them now


GREETINGS! KASKADA GIRL. My name is Sanja Nikolić and I have been learning photojournalism as an intern with KASKADA LENS over the past two years. My photos have been published in KASKADA online Magazine. My mentor taught me to enjoy taking photos and not to worry in the beginning about all the technical things. It was important to relax and enjoy looking through the lens and finding the beauty. My first project assignment was to find the "Feelings" in my subjects through the lens of my camera. I decided to focus on the feelings of 'joy'. There was much 'joy' to be captured that day!

so much joy

Seeing the beauty of the world and all that is in it is a gift from God. The camera has brought that beauty and 'joy' through my eye and to you the reader.
If you are thinking about learning photography...try it! Even with a phone you can snap some beautiful photos.

hands full of joy

[Click on the link to to see a video of the results of my first assignment, "JOY!"]


KASKADA GIRLS, Welcome to the Club! My name is Matea Lončar and I have been learning photography with my KASKADA LENS mentor for the past two years. My photos have been published in the KASKADA Magazine. I loved taking these and the other photos I have taken when assigned by KASKADA LENS. I hope to continue in the future to search out many new and unusual subjects to capture for photographic assignments. My camera is my mobile phone and the photos it takes are amazing!

sweet hands

For me the world is not made up of straight lines or neat boxes. Relationships and life, in general, are complex and I want my photography to express that reality. I enjoy the many different angles which my camera can capture. I wander through my village and find subjects for my photos which others may never have noticed before. Life is not always easy and there are many difficult times but through the camera lens the beauty and the brokenness of the world take on new meaning.

earthy hands

Click on the link to view a slideshow presentation of the first camera assignment given to me by KASKADA mentor. "HANDS" Look for more of my photos in future KASKADA CLUB Magazines and keep searching for and growing your 'gifts and talents'.